Day: April 3, 2015

Review of ‘Jon Fixx’

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Jon Fixx writes other peoples’ love stories. His job involves writing Hollywood-based novellas for newlyweds. What could be an easier gig? Of course, his career is a bit complicated because of the implosion of his own love life. His girlfriend, Sara, has dumped him and made live-in arrangements with a Frenchman, Michel – who, unfortunately, has a cousin who is an FBI agent. Jon’s life is complicated. The FBI agent is threatening him because of his irritating habit of stalking Sara. He has a family of rich, degenerate snobs threatening him because the story he’s written for the daughter and her fiancé exposed them for what they were and caused the wedding to be called off. And, to make bad matters worse, he’s been hired to write the love story of a mafia boss’s daughter and her hitman fiancé, and he’s made the mistake of becoming personally involved in their lives.

I received a free copy of Jon Fixx, a first novel by Jason Squire Fluck, in exchange for my review. Most first novels are a bit on the rough side, but this author has an uncanny ability to translate a murky situation involving coast to coast moves and a broad swath of humanity into a riotous, ribald romp that will generate chuckles and chills in equal measure.

You’re guaranteed to be mesmerized as you follow Jon from LA to a college town in Pennsylvania to the Big Apple. The dialogue is pithy and the descriptions so vivid you’re likely to find yourself sneezing from the dust motes in the air.

I certainly hope this is not the last we’ll see of Jon Fixx. Five stars for a great first novel!