Day: April 2, 2015

Review of ‘Oversight’

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Sam Crane is a data speculator. His job is to dig into cyberspace for information about people when other methods of investigation fail. When Sam is asked to take on the case of Dr. Xian Mako, a murdered researcher, who has been killed with the poison of the fugu fish, he runs smack up against the Big Brother state apparatus. In an age when, because of technology, your every move is tracked, Sam’s surprised to discover that the victim has hardly any cyberspace footprint. The only clue he has to work with at the start is a pair of special antique eyeglasses, which end up missing from another corpse, a close friend of his.

Oversight by Thomas Claburn is mystery, science fiction, and dystopian novel all rolled into one. In places the narrative, even when it’s describing action scenes, is a bit too jumpy, but the author can be forgiven since he’s written a quite entertaining book. The characters are mostly sympathetic – except for some of the villains who have only a bare minimum of redeeming graces, as befits true villains.

A tale of a future time – but, how far into the future? I give Claburn four stars for this book.


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