Review of ‘Chimera: Universe Eventual, Book I’

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Chimera – Universe Eventual: Book I by three authors writing as N.J. Tanger is the story of the young colonists who are part of the Selection process to man Chimera. Theo James Puck, an easy going young man who is not good at taking tests, but can ‘talk’ to artificial intelligence devices, hacks the Selection list and adds his name, in the process losing the confidence of his friend, Meghan Ziczek, also on the list. Meghan’s life, along with Theo’s sister Liddy, is in danger when he encounters Marcus Locke, a young man with sociopathic tendencies and a terrible secret. Selena Samuelson, a descendant of one of the original pilots of Chimera, works with her father in the Rim, avoiding Stephen’s Point if at all possible, comes to the attention of the authorities when she pilots his mining ship out of near disaster – illegally.

The lives of these four young people intersect as the Selection process proceeds, and the tension is at a fever pitch in this riveting science fiction novel of the distant future. You’ll find yourself riveted as their parallel lives veer closer and closer, leading to an explosive encounter as launch day nears.

I received an advance copy of this book for review, and once I started reading I found it impossible to put it down until I reached the end. Once there, I am now awaiting books II and III with eager anticipation. An outstanding five-star book!


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