Day: January 29, 2015

Review of ‘Under Witch Moon’

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Adriel Pacheco is a witch. For those who believe in witches, and don’t want to burn them at the stake, she is the source of spells and incantations – often asked to do the impossible. When Dolores Garcia asks her to prepare a protection spell against a werewolf, Adriel thinks it’s a routine job, until she finds out that Dolores wants the spell to bind the human side of the werewolf to her. Despite Adriel’s warning, she goes ahead, and ends up ripped to death by her intended paramour – it seems werewolves don’t like efforts to magically bind them.

Things get dicey for Adriel when her Indian policeman ‘friend,’ White Feather, informs her that Dolores is not the first victim of a vicious werewolf attack.

Under Witch Moon by Maria E. Schneider is an entertaining look at witchcraft, at turns chilling and funny. One can’t help but feel attracted to Adriel, in the same way White Feather is attracted to his ‘Merlin,’ which is the name he knows her by until things get intimate.

I received a free copy of Under Witch Moon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. A four-star book.