Day: January 25, 2015

Review of ‘Taboo’

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First rate CSI Reilly Steel has relocated from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland to be near her father who has gone back to his home country. Her job in Dublin is to bring the police crime lab there up to first class standards, a task made harder by a lazy, by-the-books boss who resents her, and Irish cops who resent having a meddling American in their midst.

When a series of deaths present puzzling clues, making the incidents seem to Reilly more than routine she finds an ally in Detective Chris Delaney. When the bodies start piling up, convincing her that they’re dealing with a particularly vicious serial killer, Reilly’s skill is tested to its limit, and demons of her past come back to haunt her.

I received a free copy of Taboo by Casey Hill, the first in the CSI Reilly thriller series. Hill has created a compelling character in Reilly Steel, and weaves technical details into the story in an interesting way. She also inserts clues in a way to keep the reader guessing until the story is almost concluded – and even after a suspect is identified (this will catch readers by surprise), the outcome is far from certain until it sneaks up on you. This story left me wanting to read more about the character.

I give this book four stars.