Day: January 21, 2015

Review of ‘Fire Wind’

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Taran Collins is a loner. He doesn’t particularly like anyone, Indians included, but when he sees an Indian woman and an old injured Indian man pursued by a mob of cowboys, his hatred of those who abuse the weak trumps his other dislikes, and he intervenes to save them He soon finds himself outnumbered and about to be done in, but a strange orb, shining brightly, comes to his rescue. The old man delivers a cryptic message, and then disappears.

Later Taran is bitten by a deadly snake, he passes out, to wake up, miraculously alive, in the town of Orlaca. Strange occurrence piles on top of yet another strange occurrence, as Taran discovers that there’s more to the world than he’d previously known – the Skin Walkers being the oddest perhaps.

Fire Wind by Guy Stanton III is the story of the Old West meeting the Next Frontier, as aliens and cowboys contend for supremacy and survival. Taran’s faith is tested again and again, as he gets to know what he’s really made of.

A cross-genre novel, mixing western, religion, and science fiction, Stanton has created a story that I find fairly interesting. In some cases, I didn’t find the dialogue too credible, but it was still an entertaining read. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. An interesting story, but the plot is not as strong as it could be, and some of the dialogue is also weak, so I give it three stars.