Review of ‘Social Engineer’

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Brody Taylor is a ‘white hat’ hacker who specializes in using social engineering to get into IT systems – to help organizations protect themselves from ‘black hat’ hackers who would do them harm. He’s hired by Dr. Robert Moorcroft, head of R&D for a company that’s creating a new drug to treat dementia, when the company thinks it’s being threatened by Chinese hackers.

Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland is a novella that is the prequel to his longer work Invasion of Privacy, which introduces Brody to readers. I received a free review copy of Social Engineer, which truly stands alone as a tightly woven tale of one of our current age’s most pervasive threats – invasion of privacy from hackers and identity thieves. Sutherland does a masterful job of walking the reader through the myriad ways computer malefactors invade and corrupt the IT systems that we often take for granted, while at the same time unrolling a parallel plot as Brody works to impress Mel, an animal activist who wants to expose Moorcroft’s company for its experiments on animals during its research.

Fascinating characters and enough mystery to keep you reading and wishing to know more – quavering as you learn just how vulnerable we all are to those who would do us harm. After reading this book, you just might be reluctant to go on line ever again. I give this book four stars.


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