Day: December 9, 2014

Review of ‘Deadline’

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Jefferson Morgan, after working for the Chicago Tribune for 18 years, returns to his hometown of Winchester, Wyoming and takes over the Bullet, Winchester’s town newspaper. Faced with an inability to meet deadlines or make the payments for the newspaper, he meets Neeley Gilmartin, a man who has just been paroled after spending 50 years behind bars for a killing that he confessed to, but is now claiming that he didn’t do. Gilmartin asks Morgan to prove his innocence, plunging him into a bubbling, putrid mess of the past, and threatening his existence.

The seamy underbelly of a small town comes vividly to life in Ron Franscell’s Deadline, with a cast of characters so alive you can smell the sweat of their underarms. Franscell weaves an eerie, fascinating tale of the tangled relationships that grew out of the murder of a child that, if Gilmartin’s claim of innocence is right, has never been solved, and continues to cast a cloud over Winchester.

I received a free review copy of Deadline, and was enthralled from opening lines, and unable to stop reading until I reached the end. Franscell has written a book that defies categorization – genre hardly matters when you’re reading what is just a darn good story.

A hands down five star book!

Review of ‘Offside Trap’

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Private investigator Miami Jones is asked by an old friend, the athletic director at a college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to look into the case of a student athlete who suffered a drug overdose, it’s at first just a way to get at the facts to keep the college president from tanking the school’s sports program. The more Jones digs into the case, though, the more worms come crawling from under every stone that he turns over.

Offside Trap by A.J. Stewart is a Florida-based mystery in the Elmore Leonard tradition, with action coming at you at every turn. It has political corruption, big-time drug dealing, and enough the kind of violence that only the Sunshine State can provide.

I received a free review copy of this novel, and spent an interesting rainy morning reading – and, couldn’t put it down. It had a couple of places early on where the dialogue was confusing – couldn’t tell who was talking without reading it three times – but that didn’t keep it from being a great read. Looking forward to more Miami Jones’ exploits.

Stewart gets four stars for this one.