Review of ‘I Kill Rich People’

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When four rich Jewish residents of Nassau County, New York are gunned down at a birthday party, law enforcement agencies immediately fear terrorist activity. But, when other rich people, of all genders, religions, and ethnicities, start becoming victims of the mysterious sniper, they realize they have something far more dangerous on their hands – a motivated loner with a mission.

The killer, only identified near the end of the book, is shown to us through his first person thoughts and actions, and is the book’s main character. NYPD officer Owen Cullen, who happens to live in Nassau County where the first killings occur, is a co-main protagonist – a sort of plain Joe who is torn between his sense of duty and obligations to his family.

Action is non-stop and nail-biting as the NYPD and FBI race to stop the killer, the 00.1% worry about who’ll be next, and the media (some of it) turns the events into a circus.

I received a free copy of I Kill Rich People by Mike Bogin for review. With the exception of a few grammatical gaffes, typos, and formatting glitches, it is a well-written thriller that addresses profound issues. The author does a good job of keeping the reader guessing, and the characters – even the killer who is not identified until very late in the book – are full dimensioned people with whom many of us can readily identify. Although I didn’t think it necessary, the author includes some discussion questions at the end of the book that are, I believe, intended to make readers think more deeply about the issues raised in the story.

Issues aside, a good read that I highly recommend for thriller fans. Despite the grammar problems, I’m giving it four stars.

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