Review of ‘Falling Apart at the Edges’

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John Blake is a police detective with a special job – beyond his normal police work – a job he can’t even share with his partner, Eddie Kimball, or his wife, Suzy. He is also a man with demons. His relationship with his wife is troubled, and he can share his troubles with no one. When a hired killer, Cuba Davenport, is killed and mutilated, and the trail leads to mobster Joe Capelli, Blake must face his demons – or die trying.

Falling Apart at the Edges by Maynard Sims takes the reader into the mean streets and the tortured minds of a group of characters with shady pasts and uncertain futures. The dialogue, though a bit stilted in places, is pithy and the settings are as grimy as one would expect from a noir mystery. I received a free review copy of this book.

Though well told, the book could benefit from a better editing job. Some of the grammar mistakes cause a reader to pause and re-read to make sure of the meaning of the passage. Despite the errors, it is still a fun read for fans of the genre. I give this book three stars.

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