Review of ‘Ding Dong! Is She Dead?’

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I received a free review copy of Ding dong! Is She Dead? NOVA Ladies Adventures, Book #1, by Alathia Paris Morgan, and, based on the title, anticipated that it would be a humorous mystery. As both a mystery and a humor fan, I particularly like when an author is able to effectively combine the two.

I wasn’t completely disappointed. The story of Jennifer Smythe, a big city girl who works in a bar who witnesses two men disposing of a corpse and ends up as Allie working in a department store in rural Texas, does have it moments of humor. There is mystery as well. The concept is solid, and author Morgan in her first effort is well on the way to making it work well.

The dialogue in this first effort was a bit stilted, and some of the transitions are a bit jumpy. Morgan gets a good grade, however, for effort. Writing mystery is difficult; writing humor even more so; and combining the two the most difficult of all. Ignoring the aforementioned issues, Morgan has done a creditable job in creating likeable characters with whom the reader can sympathize. I predict that this author will be even better in her next effort. For this one, I give three stars.

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