Day: October 19, 2014

Review of ‘Truth Insurrection: The Saint Mary Project’

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While conducting surveillance of a cheating wife, private investigator William Harrison sees a strange shining sphere darting through the night sky in Tucson, Arizona. Motorcycle cop Nick Ridley experiences radio interference while on patrol in Las Vegas, Nevada. A military convoy travels to the mountains near Las Vegas to conduct an experimental test flight, and while there observes a macabre encounter between an unidentified flying object and two military jets.

What do all these incidents have in common? You’ll have to read Truth Insurrection: The Saint Mary Project by Daniel P. Douglas to find out. Douglas, a former military man, has written a sci-fi thriller about the government’s cover-up of encounters with aliens from other worlds that will have you doubting every news report you read afterwards.

A chilling picture that takes us from the western deserts to the corridors of power in Washington, DC, where generals and politicians spar over access to information, Truth Insurrection is pure fiction – but in Douglas’s skillful hands, it has a tiny ring of truth. You’ll find yourself cheering for Harrison as he finds himself mired deeper and deeper in a conspiracy of galactic proportions.

This is Douglas’s first novel, but one has to hope not his last. I received a free review copy of Truth Insurrection, and now I’m looking forward to seeing what this author does next. Five stars for this one.