Review of ‘Catchee Monkey’

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British expat, now LA resident, Sean Cameron like dinosaurs and carrot cake, and as you might expect, he has a decidedly weird sense of humor. That wacky sense comes through clearly in Catchee Monkey, a Rex and Eddie mystery set in Cloisterham, ‘a place to live.’ I received a free copy of this book for review.

The story starts with Harold the cleaner, who while doing cleanup in an office block finds a body with half a head – the rest of the head having been spattered all over the office. ‘Bugger’ is all Harold can say.

Then, in come Eddie and Rex. A couple of hapless friends who can’t even hold on to jobs as do-nothing rent-a-cops in a shopping mall (Eddie can’t hold on to his girlfriend Melinda either), they decide to become private detectives. Actually, Rex decides, and Eddie just tags along. Things get really weird when they end up renting the murder office and decide to solve the still unsolved killing.

If you like your humor shoveled on in the style of ‘The Three Stooges,’ or ‘Laurel and Hardy,’ you’ll love Catchee Monkey. I can’t say I really understood how the title relates to the story – but, I was laughing so hard, I forgot why I couldn’t understand it. A truly funny book that I highly recommend. An easy four stars.

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