Day: September 10, 2014

Review of ‘Wings Over Tremeirchson’

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I received three free review copies of Linda Ulleseit’s YA fantasy novels some time ago, and while I review and thoroughly enjoyed In the Winds of Danger, I’d placed the others in the queue for reading and reviewing at a later time. As kids get ready to get back to ‘school and books, and teachers’ dirty looks’ it’s, I believe, an appropriate time to dive back into Ulleseit’s well-crafted fantasy world.

Wings Over Tremeirchson is an excellent book for readers of any age. The story of Neste, a rider with one of the competing barns of Tremeirchson, is a compelling tale of a young girl’s efforts to find her way in a world filled with strife. Ulleseit knows how to grab and hold a reader’s interest from the opening sentence, and keeps you flipping pages until the end. I particularly like the way she weaves Welsh language and culture into her fantasy world, making it real. You can see, hear, and feel what the characters are experiencing, and what characters they are.

I’m not only looking forward to the third book, but all that follow. Ulleseit is a writer who really knows how to get your attention. This is a short novella which introduces the world readers loved in In the Winds of Danger and its sequels. Five stars for a great book!

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