Review of ‘Superior Peril: Murder on 123’

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Jack Handler is a retired Chicago police detective who lives on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When the father of his nephew’s friend turns up missing on Lake Superior with nine other people when they were out searching for the wreckage of a Minoan ship that supposedly sank around 1200 BC, Jack and his NYPD detective daughter Kate find themselves up to their necks in danger and intrigue. Author Michael Carrier’s Superior Peril: Murder on 123 is a well-woven tale in the manner of James Patterson.

I particularly like the way Carrier weaves the story of the Minoan ship far in the past with the derring-do and dastardly deeds of the present. Crisp dialogue and well-developed characters will keep you reading to the end, and gasping for more.

A very easy four-star story.

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