Review of ‘Tweeting for a Reason’

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If you’re a writer, you want people to read your work. That requires marketing – the bane of most creative types. Social media, in today’s connected age, is a great way to market your work, and of the social media platforms, the one that is most often overlooked is Twitter. If you’re new to Twitter, it seems daunting – starting with the 140 character limit on tweets.

Thanks to author Karen Barnes, though, there is now a handy tutorial – a sort of ‘Twitter for Dummies’ – that will very smoothly guide you through the process from setting up a Twitter account, to understanding things like #hashtags and @mentions, to effective Twitter strategies. Tweeting for a Reason: How (and Why) to use Twitter to Market Your Business. A useful book for anyone who wants to communicate short messages, or links to longer messages, to a massive audience – and being in e-Book format, it’s appropriate. Barnes knows her way around the Twitterverse, and is a good tour guide. My only complaint about the book, which I received free in exchange for a review, is that the opening chapter is a bit too long. Much of what is in that chapter could have been an opening paragraph of the next chapter. But, that just might be my bias from spending too much time reading truncated Internet messages – yes, and Twitter too.

Would that we could all write books that there would be only one picayune complaint about. Kudos to Banes for a wonderfully useful book.

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