Day: April 18, 2014

Review of ‘The Doppelganger’s Dance’

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The Doppelganger’s Dance by Libi Astaire, a free copy of which I received for review, is the second Ezra Melamed mystery I’ve read. Astaire writes in a style that was common in English cozy mysteries in the late nineteenth, a style that is very appropriate for her characters and setting – London’s Jewish community in the early 1800s.

Ezra Melamed, a wealthy Jew in London, is more than just the head of the Jewish community – he is also something of a philanthropist and amateur private detective. The main – and most interesting – character, though, in this story is the narrator Rebecca Lyon, daughter of the community clockmaker, who is at the center of every significant event.

When Rebecca’s father is asked by Melamed to go to Leeds to escort the widow Salomon back to London, Rebecca goes along, and they find themselves, as is the norm in this series, in the middle of strange and sometimes threatening events.

Astaire’s descriptions paint a picture of society as it must have been during the early 1800s, and her dialogue just sounds credible. If you’re a fan of cozies, I can strongly recommend The Doppelganger’s Dance. If you’ve not read one before, this is probably a good place to start.