Day: March 24, 2014

Review of ‘Line of Succession: The Price of Power’

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Line of Succession: The Price of Power by Michael Vandor is the story of power and politics in Washington, DC, and the toll they inflict on those who play in the game. Vandor writes from an insider’s perspective; as a former congressional aide, he knows first-hand how power can corrupt.

When Congresswoman Kathleen Canfield is selected by the president to be his running mate for re-election in the wake of a scandal involving his first VP, she finds herself neck deep in intrigue and machinations that threaten to not only ruin her family, but could cost her life.

The story line is compelling, and Vandor describes the behind-the-scenes working of power politics with laser-like precision. He takes us inside the minds of the players and places them in settings that are all too real for anyone who has worked in Washington.

I received a free review copy of Vandor’s first effort, and I look forward to his future offerings.

The Writing Process

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The Writing Process. Words of wisdom from another capable scribe of my acquaintance.

Writing Process Blog Hop

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Writing Process Blog Hop. Get a look at DV Berkom’s writing process – you’ll find it enlightening.