Day: March 21, 2014

Review of ‘Three Things I Have to Tell You, My Friend’

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It is the year 2033, and people reaching the age of 65 are given a choice – submit to regeneration and a new and longer life, or die. John Sinclair, who has been a teacher since 1993, is about to turn 65. He has to decide what to do or where to go with the rest of his life – short or long.

I Have Three Things to Tell You, My Friend, by RM D’Amato is an interesting look at a possible future – with overtones of today. D’Amato paints a compellingly accurate picture of the frustration of decision making in the face of a mindless bureaucracy and an uncaring society. As I alternately followed Sinclair as he wrestles with his decision, Brandon Sanchez, a youngster about to enter the teaching profession who is being mentored by Sinclair, and Fernando Smith, an angry school janitor who is butting heads with the bureaucracy, I found myself wondering sometimes if I wasn’t perhaps reading a piece of nonfiction about the disdain society has for the teaching profession.

I received a free review copy of Three Things, and devoured it in a single sitting. A well-written book that actually defies genre classification – a sure sign of a story that is destined to become a classic. An easy four stars from this reviewer.