Review of ‘Irrefutable Proof’

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After finishing a free review copy of Abby L. Vandiver’s Irrefutable Proof, I spent hours trying to decide just exactly what genre it belonged to. It’s billed as a cozy mystery/suspense novel that mixes fact with fiction, but it has a healthy dollop of science fiction tossed in.

Biblical archaeologist Justin Dickerson goes on a perilous journey as she wrestles with whether to share her knowledge of the ancient Book of Knowledge or to keep secret things secret. Dickerson travels the globe searching for irrefutable proof of mankind’s true origins and capabilities.

This book is not exactly a barn-burner. Instead, it’s like the slow flow of volcanic lava or the ice of a glacier – it seems to be barely moving, and suddenly you find yourself submerged and gasping for air. As a mystery fan, I’d like more dialogue, but Vandiver does a good job of making long stretches of narrative interesting. You’ll come away from reading this book questioning everything you’ve ever been taught about the history of humanity.

One thought on “Review of ‘Irrefutable Proof’

    kyangel17 said:
    March 2, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    As an avid fan of author’s name can’t remember, but wrote Hawaii, Tales of The South Pacific, and so many other books with little dialogue in the beginning, I think this is another book I must read. And I’ll remember my author eventually, because I have collected all of his books and they are stored in my locker somewhere downstairs. So many books start out slow and make me wonder if they are worth the time it takes to read them, but when I keep muddling through, I seldom regret it. Have you read Leo J. Maloney’s Termination Orders? After friending him on Twitter I ordered both his books, and have read that one so far. Starts out slow but then picks up until I couldn’t put it down. Leo is a former black ops agent who knows what he’s talking about. Check him out, if you haven’t already.


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