Day: January 31, 2014

Review of ‘Endpoint’

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I received a free copy of Rejean Giguere’s Endpoint as a review copy. An interesting thriller/mystery with a twist, Endpoint introduces us to Gary and Chantal, two special people who get caught up in a byzantine mystery that is part detective story, part science fiction. When they’re mugged the first time, it’s just life in the big city, but when it happens again, they know there’s something far more deadly afoot. Gary, with his long-time connections with the Russian mob, goes to them for help, while Chantal, who suffers ‘special’ migraines, becomes the target of a research project that is using human migraine sufferers as guinea pigs.

Fully fleshed characters and vivid, accurate descriptions mark this story from page one to the end, and will keep you turning pages. I’m not normally a fan of mixing genres, but Giguere does a fairly good job of it. It would actually have been a great story without the ending.