Day: January 25, 2014

Review of ‘Father’s House’

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I received a free review copy of C. Edward Baldwin’s Father’s House, which I read with rather mixed emotions. It was difficult to like at first – confusion in character names, and a few too many plot twists – but, with just enough mystery and cliff-hanger episodes to keep me reading.

Ben Lovison, an attorney in the Duraleigh County DA’s office is faced with a series of perplexing cases. Baldwin takes into a world of intrigue and violence that is all too real, intertwined with hints of the supernatural and macabre in this tale that revolves around ‘Father’s House,’ a facility for troubled boys run by the enigmatic Mayo Father – a figure from Lovison’s past.

Like I said, this is a tough story to get into – it takes the first three chapters to really hook you – but, if you persist, it’s ultimately worth it. I’m still not sure just how to categorize it – supernatural thriller, paranormal mystery, or what – so, I’ll just say it’s a pretty good read