Day: January 3, 2014

Review of ‘A Feral Darkness’

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If you like spine-tingling paranormal stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat from page one until the end, then A Feral Darkness by Doranna Durgin is the book for you.

The story of Brenna Fallon, a 29-year-old dog groomer who has a ‘way’ with dogs, and what happens when a feral dog pack is reported in her area, she begins to lose some of her special ‘way’ with her canine friends, and a strange man, Gil Masera, and a strange dog, Druid, come into  her life.

A riveting tale of mysterious, demonic forces from beyond – a malevolent power that was unleashed by the wild ramblings of a bunch of teenagers when Brenna was yet young; a force that is now demonstrating its power with a vengeance, A Feral Darkness combines the suspense of Cujo with the paranormal drama of Carrie, with a healthy dollop of steroids thrown in for good measure.

Durgin is a master of the bizarre twist, weaving romance and superb characterization in with mystery and suspense, leading the reader on a serpentine journey through the darkness of fantasy and fear with a skill that is unmatched in the genre. She makes the characters come alive, fully fleshed, with warts and all. Villains have a trace of redemption, and heroes have mud on their shoes – they become real people that we can identify with, in situations we can only imagine in vodka-induced nightmares.

Five stars to Durgin for a tale well told.