Review of ‘Skin Deep Motives’

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Matt Grudge and Leslie Crow are friends and partners in a detective agency – Alternative Investigations: Matt Grudge and Leslie Crow. These two tatted, pierced and dressed-off-the-markdown-rack PIs are also known as the grunge operatives because of their distinct counter-culture, back-to-the-nineties style. They find themselves facing the case of their lives – in fact, the case that could end their lives – when Dee-Dee Magnolia, famous tattoo artist, and Leslie’s friend, is murdered.

In Skin Deep Motive, Aaron Hilton introduces us to Portland’s grunge culture and the deep, dark secrets that it hides. We get not just the sights and sounds, but the smells and thoughts of a social milieu that is alien to most of us, and thanks to Hilton’s masterful prose, we come away thinking we understand it.

Truly grungy dialogue and snappy narrative takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through the underbelly of human emotions and intrigue. You’d better be sure you have a good long block of free time, because when you pick this book up it’ll stick to you like tar on a sunbaked street sticks to the bottom of your shoes.

I received a free copy of this book to review. It’s like certain chemical substances, though – instantly addictive and causing you to lust for more.

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