113 Ways to Characterize Your Protagonist

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writingThere are a lot of words that describe you and I at different times during the day. Our job as writers is to notice what those moods and attitudes are and put a word to them so readers will feel them. ‘Sad’ doesn’t have enough depth, but ‘bitter’, ‘stricken’, ‘grieved’, and heartsick’ all tell us more about the way the character is handling ‘sad’. They are much more compelling to the reader, likely to draw us in and make us like the character (which keeps us reading).

Here are more words with color you might like:

  1. absent-minded
  2. active
  3. affable
  4. ambitious
  5. amiable
  6. animated
  7. annoyed
  8. argumentative
  9. arrogant
  10. attentive
  11. bossy
  12. candid
  13. capable
  14. care-free
  15. careful
  16. caustic
  17. cautious
  18. charismatic
  19. charming
  20. clever
  21. cold-hearted
  22. compassionate
  23. complacent
  24. conceited
  25. concerned confused
  26. confident
  27. considerate
  28. cooperative
  29. crafty
  30. cruel
  31. cultured
  32. curious
  33. finicky

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