Day: December 1, 2013

6 Critical Elements for Fantasy World Building (Part 2)

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Lita Burke

This is the second of a 3-part blog post about building rich fantasy worlds to immerse your readers. In part 1 we looked at two “big picture” elements in building a fantasy world: maps and politics.

Today we will take a “medium-sized” view and see why meat and grog are wimpy. We’ll also learn how to speak in tongues.

3.  Proper Menus

We are what we eat. This is also true for your fantasy world people. Engage all of your reader’s senses in the story. Don’t limit yourself to feeding your people the typical fantasy grub of turkey legs and ale. Or roast beast and grog.

To put your reader in your fantasy world, tell them how the food smells and tastes.  For example, describe the odors of a restaurant’s cooking food as your hero hurries by on his early morning appointment with the wizard’s school headmistress. Make him hungry…

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6 Critical Elements for Fantasy World Building (Part 1)

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Lita Burke

World-building techniques have always fascinated me.  High Fantasy and Epic Fantasy books were my delight as a young reader.  I poured over the maps on the book’s end papers, studied every entry in the glossary in the back, even marveled over the lengthy character name lists in the front.

When it comes to creating fantasy worlds for my own fiction, I’m a writer who knows the details of the characters’ environment. I must have their vitae close at hand so I know them well enough to write about their struggles.  It also doesn’t hurt to speak their language and follow the latest fads for their clothing styles.

Today I’m sharing 2 of my 6 must-have elements for defining fantasy worlds.  There’s no significance to the order I present them here, other than I’m starting with the largest elements and working down to the most detailed.

1.  Geography and Cartography

I love maps.  I can…

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Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

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Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling from @powerfulpoint  Click on the link to see how Disney Pixar Studios puts together their fantastic films. Advice you can use in crafting your own stories.