Day: November 9, 2013

Review of ‘To Catch a Ripple’ by K. Rosemont

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When is a fantasy-romance more than a fantasy-romance? When it’s also a mystery-thriller that will send chills up your spine and cause you to check the closets when you enter a darkened room.

Helen Knight is a fantasy-romance author who has neither fantasy nor romance in her life. Afraid of intimacy because of abuse at the hand of her step-father, she only has her friends and roommates Angie and Vincent for human contact until Vincent’s cousin Robert Seagrave, also a writer, comes to visit.

Helen finds herself drawn to Robert, but runs into problems when she learns that he is subject to the whims of Lord Gabriel, head of the Seagrave clan; a man who has absolute power over all his kin. Worse, Gabriel is hiding a deep, dark secret that he is willing to do anything to keep from outsiders.

In To Catch a Ripple, author K. Rosemont pulls the reader into a world of mystery, intrigue, romance, and terror. In this, her first novel, she defies labeling. Although it’s called a fantasy-romance, it has all the hallmarks of a finely crafted mystery, with huge dollops of thriller for good measure. This fusion works so well, it might be necessary to invent a new genre classification to adequately describe it – or, on the other hand, perhaps it shouldn’t be labeled, only read and enjoyed.