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Review of “Going Thru Hell” by T.J. Loveless

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Kylie is a Braider; a mortal with the ability to serve as a link between the worlds of humans and the immortals. Because of this, many of the immortals both hate and fear her, while others seek to protect her. For Kylie, though, the only objective that matters is to save her son, born of a union between her and the son of Thor, the god of thunder.

In T. J. Loveless’s Going Thru Hell, we follow Kylie’s often madcap adventures as she comes to grips with the true limits of her powers; deals with raging emotions; and tries to survive.

Loveless has woven a fascinating tale of fantasy, adventure, laced with generous helpings of ribald humor that will keep you reading until the last page, and then gasping for breath, and wanting more.

Go on a wild ride with Kylie from one end of the U.S. to another, from the world of humans to the realm of the pantheons of a wild variety of immortals, as she tries to save humanity, even if it costs her her own soul. I received a review copy of this book, but would gladly dig into my pocket for the shekels to buy it. The only thing that keeps me from giving it five stars are a few typos that unfortunately intrude at some of the most interesting places in the narrative, but fortunately, don’t detract from a fascinating tale.


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Review of ‘White Friday’ by Ray Jordan

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White Friday by Ray Jordan is ostensibly a story about Glenn Wallace, a graduate student living in a coed dorm along with both graduate and undergraduate students, who has something of a crush on a neighbor, Ashley. Glenn finds Ashley’s lifeless body in the elevator as he’s coming from the laundry room. He calls the cops, and is told that the post-Thanksgiving snow will cause a long delay in the EMT arrival, so he is to protect the body.
Things begin to get complicated when Glenn starts to receive texts from Ashley’s phone, and he finds that the body has disappeared.
White Friday has all the elements of a classic nail biter thriller; a missing corpse, a possible homicidal maniac somewhere in the dorm, and a sexy femme fatale out to seduce the reluctant hero. It has gritty, realistic dialogue, and characters that are totally believable. So, why do I only give it three stars? Well, for starters, the author jumps from one character’s point of view to another, sometimes in mid-page, in a way that caused me to have to skip back to pick up my train of thought. In a word, at times, the story became confusing due to Jordan’s effort to introduce clues or information in the possession of someone other than Glenn, who is the main protagonist.
A minor point, admittedly, but it pulls an otherwise excellent story down to the just good category, and I have no doubt that Jordan can, and will in future, do much better than this.