Day: October 4, 2013

Dear State Department, Can You Please Keep Your Deputy Spokesperson In The Loop!

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— By Domani Spero

We are on Day 4 of the shutdown.   Except for the employees from the Inspector General Office (and the International Water Boundary Commission) who were furloughed on the first day of the shutdown, the State Department is open and operational.  Naturally, folks are interested on two things: 1) how long can the State Department sustain its worldwide operation without new funding and 2) how many people had been furloughed.

The State Department is full of smart people. We imagine that they know exactly how long the carryover funds would last before Congress shut down the government, and they know exactly how many employees will be furloughed immediately after the lapse in appropriation.  To say that we are still crunching the numbers the day after the shutdown doesn’t make a lot of sense. Everybody knew this was coming.  And for the spokesperson not to have funding…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

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This week’s photo challenge is Good Morning.  I often start my morning sitting on my deck watching the deer feeding in the edge of the forest that makes up part of my back yard.

Whitetail deer having breakfast
Having breakfast, while I have my second cup of coffee.