Review of ‘The Itinerant Photographer’ by Max Allen

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If your interests tend to wildlife and beautiful scenery, and you happen to be either a photographer, or a photographer wannabe, I strongly suggest you get a copy of The Itinerant Photographer by Max Allen. Allen is a wildlife biologist and self-taught wildlife photographer, and in this book he has compiled a collection of wildlife (animals and scenery) photographs taken throughout North America during a five-year period of wandering. Along with some really awesome pictures, he has included a narrative, not only describing his subjects, but giving details on how the photos were achieved.

A short book, but chock full of entertaining pictures and extremely useful information; it’s like an introductory course in wildlife photography. As a bonus, it showcases the natural beauty of our land, and is a great boost for conserving nature for the enjoyment of future generations.

Four stars for a great book, and since Allen divides his time between North America and New Zealand, I look forward to his photographic documentation of the flora and fauna from down under as well.



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