Day: August 15, 2013

Review of ‘Amethyst’ by Heather Bowhay

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Amethyst, a first novel by Heather Bowhay, is a compelling paranormal romance about Lexi, an 18-year-old college student who has the ability to ‘see’ events before they occur. Often, these events involve moral peril to other people. Lexi is consumed with guilt because she’d previously seen a man about to be hit by a bus and hadn’t taken steps to save him, so when she sees a girl about to be attacked by a dog, she grabs a baseball bat and pepper spray and rushes to the rescue. The ‘rescue’ is more complicated than her premonition had indicated, and she encounters a group of strange people who seem to have super-human powers.

Lexi shares this information with her friend and roommate Ally, who has her own powers. Ally has the ‘Essence,’ and can heal people with her mind. Things take a strange turn when she informs Lexi that she too has this power, called ‘Amethyst,’ only even stronger.

Even with a few formatting errors here and there, this is a book that is well worth reading. Fast-paced action, peppy dialogue, and believable characters make up for the few flaws. Amethyst is a book that I can promise you will thoroughly enjoy reading.

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