Day: July 6, 2013

Review of ‘Fantastical Ramblings’ by Irene Radford

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Fantastical Ramblings by Irene Radford is a fantastical collection of short stories. Many of the stories in this beautifully crafted book have been previously published in fantasy anthologies, while others were featured initially as free offerings on Book View Café. Each story, from ‘The Sword of Herakles’ to ‘Not My Knot’ is worth getting the book for.

A military brat who grew up all over the place, and who found refuge in books at an early age, Radford has a magical way with words. The worlds she creates in her stories are fantasy, but she describes them in a way that makes them seem real, and her characters, whether from mythology, history, or her own fertile imagination, stride confidently off the pages to grip you in a vice-like clasp of believability and adventure.

The way Radford adds little twists to her stories is particularly appealing. She grabs readers firmly by the imagination for a roller coaster journey and at the end springs an ‘Oh, My’ moment on them that leaves them gasping for air.

This is a book that can be read over a long weekend or in snatches as you commute back and forth to your mundane job. Whichever you do, it’s guaranteed to please.