Day: July 1, 2013

Review of “Murder on the Mind” by L. L. Bartlett

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When Jeff Resnick, a laid-off insurance investigator is viciously mugged and almost killed, the head injury leaves him able to sense other people’s secrets. Then, when his estranged half-brother Richard takes him to the family home in Buffalo, New York to recuperate, he begins sensing things about the recent grisly murder of a local banker. For reasons he doesn’t at first realize, Jeff feels compelled to investigate the murder, but as he gets closer to the truth, he finds his life, and that of his brother, in grave peril.

L.L. Bartlett’s Murder on the Mind is a gripping tale of suspense, personal relationships, and personal growth that will keep you turning the pages and panting from beginning to end. His characters are more than fully fleshed; they are people you know, as real as your next door neighbor, warts and all. The dialogue is gritty, as is the scenery. You can hear the anguish and anger and feel the stinging bite of the winter wind. You’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your chair, or biting your nails as Jeff gets closer to the killer – and as the killer gets closer to him.

The first in what is hopefully a long series of Jeff Resnick mysteries, this is mystery the way mystery is intended. As dark as Mickey Spillane, but with a touch of Robert B. Parker’s thoughtfulness, and Sue Grafton’s wry humor, but uniquely Bartlett. Don’t miss it.

This one gets five stars doubled!