Review of “Iron Bonds” by Billy Wong

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In Iron Bloom, author Billy Wong delighted and entertained readers with the tale of Rose, a reluctant warrior, and the warrior Finn, as they went on a quest seeking magic – the one thing that frightens Rose. While it was a good book, I felt it needed some maturation and seasoning. Well, Wong is back with Iron Bonds, the second in what could be a trilogy, or even more, about Rose the indomitable warrior, Finn, who is now the modern world’s only mage, and the scholar Derrick, as they try to find the lost art of spell casting. Of course, the problem is, Rose, who by now is all alpha female, is itching to get into the fight that is plaguing their country – and, naturally, her alpha instincts win, and she’s off to battle.

Wong has matured in this second book. Like a marathon runner, I think he’s found his pace. But, he also demonstrates the ability to do even more. Crisp dialogue, nonstop action, and enough human drama for two seasons of ‘Peyton Place,’ Iron Bonds is everything a good slash and burn fantasy novel should be.

My hat’s off to Wong for a tale well told. A solid four-star book.

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