Review: “Dracula in Dior” by Scarlett Stoker

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After reading Scarlett Stoker’s, Dracula in Dior: The Ultimate A-Z Fashion Guide for the Undead and Those Who Wish To Be, I will never look at vampires or vampire movies the same way again. A tongue (or fang) in cheek guide to vampires on everything from ‘must-have’ fashions to the appropriate perfume for the undead, this book is hilarious.

It starts slow, and maintains that pace for all of a page, and then it kicks into overdrive, but in a Mercedes-Benz kind of way, not like a monster truck. You find yourself speeding along at triple digit miles per hour without even realizing that someone’s smashed the gas pedal to the floor.

I seriously doubt that Scarlett Stoker is the author’s real name – how weird would that be? – but, whoever she is, she’s a comic talent to be reckoned with. This was, so far, my favorite read of the year, and if I could, I’d give it six stars – but, I’m limited to five.

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