Day: May 31, 2013

Review: “Knight’s Blood” by Julianne Lee

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Alex MacNeil is an F-18 pilot, flying combat patrol over the Iraq-Iran border. He’s also a knight, fighting for Scottish independence under Robert the Bruce. You see, Alex was taken back in time by the impish elfin king Nemed, along with Lindsay, a journalist who was flying with him when his plane got caught in Nemed’s spell.

Alex and Lindsay got married and when they were returned to the future, she was already pregnant. When the baby is kidnapped, both Alex and Lindsay travel back to the past to rescue him. The adventures they experience and the people they encounter are the stuff of legend.

Julianne Lee’s Knight’s Blood is a rollicking adventure tale, filled with action and human drama, and a touch of Mark Twain-like humor as we follow twenty-first century humans who find themselves thrust hundreds of years into the past. Believable dialogue and credible action mark this author’s second Tenebrae story. A thoroughly enjoyable read.