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Review: “The Cascade Annihilator” by Chris James

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In Book 1 of The Second Internet Café, Dimension Researcher Lucas Hunter encountered the evil American Dietrich during his trips to the ‘other’ dimensions. What ensued was an American attack on the Café in an attempt to destroy it – an attack that Lucas and his friends were able to thwart.

In The Second Internet Café, Book 2: The Cascade Annihilator, once again must confront his nemesis Dietrich, who is now armed with a weapon that threatens to not only destroy the Café, but the entire reality. The Café is again under threat, and not just from Dietrich, but from the entrenched European bureaucracy that wants to shut it down, or bring it more under political control. Aiding Lucas in saving the facility and the existence of ‘reality one’ is Paula Featherstone who has the ability to enter other realities when she sleeps.

To add complications to their task, Lucas discovers that another group, more advanced people from yet another ‘reality,’ are also interested in the outcome of his confrontation with his enemy, but he’s not sure he can completely trust the enigmatic Mr. Llews.

As in the first book, the action in Book 2 is nonstop; the characters are unforgettable, and the settings are all too real. Chris James has changed gears a bit in this book; writing from two points of view – alternating between Lucas and Paula – he keeps your interest as this complicated tale unfolds.  This is a book that you won’t be able to put down; in fact, you just might find yourself going back and re-reading portions to make sure didn’t miss anything.

Another five star effort by author James.

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