Day: March 24, 2013

Review: “A Broken Ring” by C.L. Cappetta

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A Broken Ring: Part one of the ‘Ride to Liberty’ Trilogy, by C. L. Cappetta, is hard to classify. In part, it seems to be a thriller with psychological overtones, as it traces the tumultuous life of Lydia Castle, from precocious 15-year-old to adulthood, in part, a semi-erotic romance novel with a hint of bloody violence thrown in.

An interesting tale, it has more ups and downs than the Rebel Yell roller coaster at King’s Dominion Park in Virginia. Lydia has a problem with men, starting with Mike Webberly, who is obsessed with her and rapes her before she turns 16, and then vows that he will kill her before he’ll let anyone else have her. From Mike, Lydia moves from man to man, but the reader senses that she’s looking more for ‘herself’ than a relationship with someone else.

It would be easier to follow, perhaps, if there were fewer characters, or maybe that’s what makes it interesting. I know that I found it interesting, despite being utterly confused trying to keep track of the characters that seemed to march in formation across the pages.

I also found it difficult until very near the end to get a read on Lydia herself – and, even then I was left guessing; did she actually make that journey from abuse to empowerment? Maybe she did, and maybe she didn’t. Not a bad read, but I can only give it three stars.

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