Day: December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

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You don’t have to be Christian, or even believe in Santa Claus, to believe in the specialness of the Christmas season.  As someone who believes in peace and goodwill as a way to mitigate a lot of the violence and chaos that infects our world, I think any holiday that emphasizes peace, love, and understanding, is okay in my book.  Of course, it’s also a time when families, so often pulled apart by the incessant demands of our consumer society, have an excuse to get together and renew their bonds.

I talked, for instance, to my older brother yesterday.  We hadn’t spoken for more than three years, not because of any estrangement, but my travels and the demands of his business just kept us apart.  As I write, I’m waiting for my youngest daughter and her husband to arrive with my first grandchild, Samantha, in tow.  Sammie’s 15 months old now, and this will be the first Christmas we’ve been together that she’s old enough to remember, so that makes it sort of special regardless of my beliefs.

Anyway, I’d like to wish all my readers a happy and safe holiday.  May you renew the bonds of love with your family and have all the happiness you deserve; and, may the upcoming year see a greater effort to make a dent in the world’s problems.

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